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Marocco 2017
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Voyage dans l'instant. The "instant-it-clicks" is  a (more or less conscious) concept of time and location in the photographer's mind. In terms of camera use, it means  simply the moment your camera "clicks" - but I would like to point out a meaning related to perception. Thus, a camera is capturing the most important - but also most  fugitive - factors: time and light. These are omnipresent components of our  life and still they are totally impossible to grasp themselves. Nevertheless light stimulate our senses all the time.  Now, photography freezes life's perceptions at one fingertip: by "shooting" these stimuli of  a single instant you will let them survive - in a way.  Further,  photography  seems like a way to "pause" in this speed-of-light world... and to loose for a while the "ME-cramp" (that's how Frederick Franck calls in the Zen of Seeing our constant self-concern).  In fact, photography becomes a freeing experience  if  one can get  lost in this world of glittering lights and dancing colors.  And then, on the other hand: it is also the photographers intention to clarify and/or mystify the meaning of the initial "instant-it-clicks"... by doing so he is binding in a mysterious way  the Dionysian to the Apollonian. He acts on the "instant-it-clicks" by his camera utilization and, simultaneously,  the later puts a meaning into this act itself.  Stimuli are transcended into Ideas... 
Take a deep breath and... release the shutter - the shot might be significant  or not...  But it is the pleasant memory of this "instant-it-clicks" of my camera and the memory of  having been there -  having been totally immersed into that very moment. That sensation keeps  us wandering around with camera and tripod, on the search of The World Soul. Later back home, being surprised or, often, also deceived by your earlier perceptions. These are  then the moments of Truth, "of objectification". The second act of photographing mysteriously connects the ephemeral with the durable where it can. And deletes (into nothingness) what lacks this connection. The first step  is a more impulsive and  than, secondly, follows a more thoughtful way.  A photographers driving force might be to let the ephemeral subjectivity of the instant gain through his lens an "objective" meaning, a signification.  He wants to share the perceptual life on this earth. The acting components of a photo (like subject,  form, colors and content...) are in the world of digitalized post-production not only defined at the "instant-it-clicks" but also by thoughtful and playful moments at home. As  four edges are put around the captured instant  in post-production, the initial act of perceiving is continued.  At that second instant you are somehow interacting with your own perception. (Even scanning your old film negatives  gives you this "second chance"). You are enabled to change the actual fact of the captured world - and that makes the "instant-it-clicks" stay, transforming it into an "instant-to-last" !
Thank you very much for your kind attention and for visting this site.
 JR, march 2010.

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